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I get a lot of questions regarding my exercise routine, what I use, why I do it and so on … So here are a few notes on what I use …

I use two apps DIGIFIT which is $50, per year, to use with a HeartRate monitor  (I use the Polar Heartrate monitors) and LOSE IT which is free, but costs around $40, per year, for the Premium package (you really don’t need the premium package unless you’re really obsessive about recording Stats).

I make up most of my routines from The Womens Health BIG BOOK of exercise which not only lists the major exercises, but different variations depending on what you have at home. (There is a Mens version of the book too).

I personally find it really motivating to log everything I do, and so I made up a form in .PDF  format that you can print and help log your routines and progress. You can find that HERE .

In addition, a good set of scales (I currently use Lose It’s Scale as it gives me more stats than others in the market, and works with my Food / Exercise / Weight app via bluetooth).

I also measure myself once a month with a Tape Measure – sometimes you may feel disappointed in your progress if you just judge by scales, seeing actual inches fly off can be a real motivator when you need one.

Finally, take photos, use an Instagram account, once you have a few followers, you kinda feel obliged to keep up with your routines, weekly photographs etc … once progress is made you want to show it off (and so you should, you should be proud of your successes), and even if you have a bad week it can be surprising how the fitness community rallies round to give you motivation and support when you need it (use HASHTAGS, so everyone can find you).


So thats it for now … hope this helps …






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