6th January 2017 – Miami Baby!

What better introduction to Miami than by helicopter!!!

I was lucky enough (being the shortest of the 3 travelers) to be sat in the front, next to the very cute and young pilot.

Man made island of the rich and famous (apparently Beyoncé has a house here – who is she?)

I wonder how much narcotics are in them containers!!!

Why walk it when you can fly it!

Just a view of someone playing on a jet ski.

Miami baby!

I have to say, while the 45 min flight was expensive ($150 per person) it was a brilliant introduction and I learned quiet a bit about the infrastructure of Miami that I didn’t realize (like the amount of man made islands).

Worth the money for an amazing memory, I’d certainly consider doing it again in another city.


Miami traffic is horrible and trying to find parking for a massive truck was difficult! 

So do your research – I failed to do this and got myself into a situation where I was ripped off by parking attendants (lesson learned, I was in a hurry, don’t let that dictate what you pay).
But finally I was at the beach!

Note to me: Bring a selfie stick, nothing more nerve wracking than trusting a stranger with your iPhone / life line.

Mosquito bites legs on a sandy beach!

You really can’t escape from advertising!

Downtown Miami, while lovely, makes me uncomfortable.

Everyone is out to be “seen”.

The right clothes (or lack of them), the fully toned body with a bubble butt.

The restaurants are so desperate for your business that they harass you in the street.

I’m glad I did it, but other than the helicopter ride, I don’t think my life was enriched by the experience.

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