16th October 2016 – Sunday

Since I last posted my mood has improved quite a bit!


Today was mostly taken up by taking my home into the shop to look into the furnace issue.

At first I did feel like I was being a little patronized…. you shouldn’t be smelling propane! Are you sure it wasn’t the CO alarm detecting dust etc?

I understand the need to ask the questions and I was worried it was a simple issue that I could of fixed myself and was going to look dumb, so I don’t blame them for asking – it certainly was not their intention to patronize me.

So while I was waiting I started running the furnace – and sure enough within 5 mins gas could be smelt by the technician.

They asked to keep it overnight.

Came home and had a lovely omelette (mushroom, onion, spinach) …

And then, as I didn’t have the trailer, I decided to focus on the jigsaw puzzle that’s been taking over the dining room table for months.


I got a call around 10am to tell me that the trailer is fixed and rdy to be picked up.

Turns out the line going into my furnace to where it lights had been fastened too tight and had cracked.

They replaced the part and helped me hook everything back up … FOR FREE!

Considering the trailer is sold “as is” and under no warranty, they were under no obligation to fix it for free – so I’m really impressed with FunTimes RV Center .

I’m getting a lot more confident pulling a trailer too – still taking corners really slow and avoiding a couple tight bends (yes I know I’m going to have to face that fear soon, just not mid afternoon on a Saturday)

I got home and managed to reverse the trailer again. It’s a learning curve but I’m getting it!

I did have a little panic while unhooking.

The hitch wheel rolled off the board and almost crashed into the truck.

So I’ve added chocks and a wheel dock to my amazon shopping list! 

Problem was solved relatively easily.

I took a little time to set out my layout for next week on my journal.

Then Kevin and I headed over to Wild Wings for tea. A couple of large beers were had!

I’ve also have been having trouble getting my Automatic to connect to the cell tower.

We get really crappy AT&T (the gadgets provider) reception at the house and I had hoped driving into town and re installing everything would fix the problem- it hasn’t 🙁

I’ve been driving around with this for a few days now and it’s not connecting.

I’ve left a message with the support system – hopefully it’s an easy fix.

Pottered around in the Trailer a little when I got home.

Then worked on the jigsaw puzzle for a while.

It’s really really hard!

Cocktails may of been had while I did this puzzle! 

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