19th October 2016 – Wensday

Good Morning my lovelies!

Every days is a battle! Time is running out and each day bring additional work to be done on top of my already long “todo” list.

But I’m trying to wake up each morning with a smile and a “bring it on” attitude.


Packing, Packing and more packing!

It’s tiring having to decide where each item has to live Caravan, Truck or Storage.

And when I find something I want with me having to try and compress it into a smaller space.

I’m doing it, it’s just stressful …

I love to sew. Cross Stitch, fabrics, home deco etc etc – I’m trying to limit my sewing items to one big box – and that box has to include a sewing machine!!! (Just one of the 4 I own thou!).

Downsizing is HARD! And takes a long time!

I started on my Makeup, but got as far as my Makeup Brushes and needed to stop until I was in a better mood for being tough with myself!

However, I did make my first meal in my Caravan! 

A very simple microwave curry, hardly class it as “cooking” at all, but its food, made in my trailer so I’m calling it my first meal – plus now I know my microwave works 😃

And as I have now got the trailer hooked up to water … I had my first pee in the trailer too

*shakes head* I’m an idiot for documenting this stuff *laughs*


A day of presents!

First I got a canvas you colour in yourself with the word “wanderlust” on it from the in laws.

As you can see it’s alrdy found a place in my trailer.

I’ve been putting off talking to them since the divorce, because I didn’t really know how our relationship would be. But this gave me the opportunity to talk to them (obviously to thank them) and let them know that I still very much so think of them as family and hope to visit late spring next year.

They responded saying that I was still their daughter and we (the puppies and I) are always welcome.

I’m so glad because my inlaws are wonderful people (my ex husband is a wonderful person) and I would hate to lose them from my life.

The second present was actually from my Ex Husband *laughs*

Which he very kindly installed today.

I’m only 5 foot, and while I can get in without assistance, this will be very helpful!

So in return I felt I should return the favor and so Jake & I did Kevins laundry.

Well … Jake hindered more than helped but it’s all the same to him!


Today was a day of annoyances – pretty much woke to a difficult email, and then things just either went wrong or were a pain the ass or just something that kept my grumpy mood stable all day long. 

Shame because the weather was lovely and I got to drive around in my little red car and enjoy the sun.

I did get all my chores done and some food shopping done so the day wasn’t a total bust.

Took some things over to the caravan and Kevin & I made notes on how many Watt Hours my 12v system took and other little bits n pieces.

And then … as my grumpy mood was just lifting, I decided to put the table up in the dinette and the bracket fell off!


Let’s hope Wensday improves!!!

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