1st January 2017 – A New Year

I didn’t have high hopes for the club house NYE celebration, but it was the best choice.

Armed with a cheese and fruit plate (Thank you Publix!) I headed down with a small cooler of booze.

I found a small table at the back and enjoyed to dulcet tones being produced by “DJ” Kurt (the quotation marks were exactly as shown on the party poster) and the people who were dancing on the deck.

Photo of people dancing
About 20 mins in I was joined by Natalie & Manny. A 20 something couple from Connecticut (I think).

Natalie had some beautiful tattoo work and so I struck up a conversation and discovered her lovely husband was the tattoo artist responsible.

It’s funny how just as body modification can be such a sorce of contention between people and yet this brought me together with two lovely people I wouldn’t of met otherwise.

Anyway, we drunk, we danced and we rang in the year with fizzy wine and grapes (12, it’s apparently a tradition…. one for each month of the new year).

I got a little squiffy and danced, chatted and all in all had a lovely evening.

This morning… I felt it!

Fortunately the boys helped me recover pretty fast…

Puppy Snuggles Puppy Snuggles
I did my usual chores, abet a little bit slower than usual and then Manny & Natalie popped over for a wee nightcap.

Man on the roof of a travel trailer 

Manny, having never been on top of a Caravan… enjoyed some star gazing from mine!

I should probably mention New Years Resolutions at some point …

I haven’t made any as such … Instead I have been working on a “Level 10 Life” project, which I’ll go into detail more in a later post but the basics are that you evaluate 10 key areas in your life and try and improve the areas that are lacking.
Health is still a concern for me. My body isn’t recovering like it used to and I seem to be suffering from allergic reactions from “something”

Towards the end of last month I ended up having to take a course of steroids to get everything under control and it worked great, but now I’m starting to react again – I have some very powerful steroid cream, but it’s not great for my skin long term (apparently it thins and discolours the skin) so I’m located to keep on using it.

Tomorrow I head into the Keys for an overnight stay, once I’ve returned I think I’ll have to head to a CVS Minute Clinic again.

I have started a New Bullet Journal for 2017, but I’ll write about that process at a later date.

Right …. well I have a loud snoring puppy in bed, time for me to join him.

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