3rd September 2016

It’s always tough to get out of bed when you have such a snugly companion!

Needed a boost!

Today’s plan was to research trailers, so I spent a good hour at camping world wandering around hot caravans.

I actually learnt a lot, should help make my choice as to what my future home should look like.

I’m still torn between an RV (class A or class C) or a trailer (a very expensive but beautiful Airstream or a basic trailer I can modify).

But here is me (checking the sun screen I applied didn’t show without a mirror)

(It does 😕)

After that I headed over to Sephora.

I had to pick up some face powder to test (male friend who works in a hot theater and hates how shiny he looks) and so obviously I had to pick up some other bits n pieces too!

While there I renewed my “rouge” status – meaning I’ve spent over $1000 in beauty products with them 😱😱😱.

For my dedication I got this free Nars blush!

Heading home, I had an omelette for tea, a nap & a bath and managed to catch the final moments of the sun.

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