7th December 2016 – Wens

Before Michelle left, she gave me this really cool sign which I finally got a moment to put up.

Then my Mum suggested I put the parcel she sent me under the tree.

So I did just that !

I’m still struggling with my reaction (to who knows what).

It’s sore and itchy and I look horrendous!

I got the laundry done including my new Mexican blankets, which created plenty of fluffy mess all over the washer and ground.

But fortunately I had music and wine to help pass the time!
Wine and Music make me smile!

I then got all frustrated because I’m trying to work out this grill thing …. but nothing fitted … I’m guessing I need something like an adapter????

Frustrating also because I don’t seem to be able to light my oven 🙁

I’ll try again when I’m sober :/

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