Picture dump – 18th August 2016

Let’s start with one of the two chairs my Mum sent me for my birthday- love them, not only do they have TWO cup holders, but they will be perfect for my RV travels.

…and of course I had to pose in them!
I also had a parcel from Omaha Steaks delivered – meal in a box from Kevins parents!

4 X Steaks

4 X Quinoa & Kale Cakes

8 X Hash Browns

4 X Cheese Cakes

1 X Cutlery Set with Cutting Board 

(Not EVERYTHING is photographed below)

As Kevin is the better cook, I convinced him to do dinner! Mmm cold Stella too!

Perfectly cooked to perfection!
I also got a new iPad (from Kevin), with a case, keyboard and pen.

I use my iPad a LOT, and while my last one worked still, the battery was failing as it was 4 years old.

This was the perfect combination of practical and frivolous.

Also including some silly shit that reminds me of Mr Jacob as this is his default pose when battling!

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