Picture dump – 19th August 2016

Because I’m a wild and exciting person I stayed in Friday night and worked on my bullet journal.

I’d kinda messed up a couple of pages, so I decided to cover them in white shipping labels and make a little scrap book page to get rid of the bits n pieces on my desk left over from my birthday.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out …

Still on my #bujo kick, I also did next weeks “Dutch door” layout early.

I ended up cutting one too many pages, but that’s fine, I can find stuff to write in those pages too.

As you can see I keep my layouts pretty simple, basic appointment along the top, the date, my sleep schedule and a little circle to doodle the weather in.

I tend to use my daily a more like a diary rather than a todo list (I keep a todo list in a separate note book as I’m always scribbing all over it), noting what I do with my days.

It helps when I need to v-blog about the day before.

And to end … Here is a picture of Jake’s “end”

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