Picture dump – August 17th 2016

It’s my birthday!!!! And it’s beautiful out!

Ignoring the forecast (it didn’t rain)

After a 90 min bath (yeah, I love my baths) I trundled over to Camping World to test drive a Class A RV.

I’m not planning to buy this specific one, this was just to see how comfortable I feel driving a Class A. Although I did like the rig very much.

After this I grabbed a slurpee and took my car to get cleaned.

As I got home I found a slightly miffed Kevin!

I had been delivered flowers! And not by him!

Turns out my friends Courtney, Shannon and Chantel had sent me this beautiful bunch of purple flowers.

 I had a quick nap and then Kevin & I headed out for Sushi.

I let Kevin drive …. Mainly because I wanted a beer 😜

After dinner we headed over to Mchenrys drive in movie theater to watch Suicided Squad & Jason Bourne Double Bill.

Fun was had! I was dancing in the streets n everything.

Note: I’m back in the drivers seat – I only had one beer, and I’m smaller so it was the smart choice. Plus I don’t like people driving my baby if they don’t have to. Obviously after just one beer and two movies I was perfectly capable of driving home.

And that was it …. Watch the video blog for my thoughts on the movies!

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