13th October 2016 – Thursday 

It’s been a really tough week for me mentally, hence why there have been no updates for a few days.

I think it’s a combination of having to pack, living in a mess while I pack, some social niggles I don’t want to get into and my period starting 4 days early.

The last few weeks the stress of a impending house move (and huge lifestyle change) has really been affecting me physically (mostly stomach issues) and while I tried to plow through it’s been really really tough.

Anyway, there have been some positives too … so let’s share them!


Our guests left. They were absolutely lovely lads and it was a pleasure to host them.

Was great as one of them was from the U.K., so it was good to have someone understand my weird terms and words! 😆

The dogs loved them too! 

However, they have discovered a fault with the RV.

When the furnace runs with no ventilation the LP alarm goes off.

I’ve been running the furnace with the fans and windows running to burn the dust off with no problem.

But if everything is closed then within 15 mins a screeching alarm goes off – I’m taking it into the shop on Friday for them to look at it.


Started with a loud and scary storm … so obviously I had to be “protected”

Please excuse the mess … everything is all over the place currently.

The big excitement of the day was my friend Aimee and I went to see Die Antwoord in Milwaukee!

Both of us love the band so I was very excited.

We went down a little early so that we could have dinner and cocktails first.

The band were fantastic, the energy was through the roof. 

I had a lot of much needed fun! And even danced until I couldn’t anymore:)

Bonus pic

Jake is a big fan of the ladies and If you look at his face you can see all his Christmas and Birthdays came at once!


Today was a extra tough one!

I was already run down and got very overwhelmed by having to pack / organize.

I have a huge makeup collection I’d like to bring with me on the road. Mostly because I’m reasonably skilled at it and doing make overs and giving makeup advice may earn me a few bucks along the way.

Trying to reduce that down is proving difficult!

I’m still not there yet! 

The evening was spent in the Caravan trying to get the digital media all working. 

I’ve converted a lot of my films to digital so I’m trying to get that set up (with the assistance of Kevin – Read: he’s doing it)

However the new (well refurbished) Jawbone Jambox works brilliantly and we managed to get the new shower head installed.

I also had my first beer in the Caravan

Bonus pics of Jake looking cute, and me looking moody 🙂

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