25th October 2016 – Tuesday 

Oh my lovelies, it’s been so long since I wrote.

Been a busy week of breakages and repairs!

So without further ado… let’s catch up!


The morning started with Oliver (one of my Dogs) … so that was fun! 🙁

So I started doing laundry first thing!

Pottered around and did some housework- that’s one of the things I’m looking forward to regarding tiny living, less housework!

I’ve decided to add a second and different data carrier to my iPad – so now I have T-mobile on my phone & Verizon on my iPad.

Hopefully this will cover most areas – the Verizon plan is only 10gb (T-Mobile is unlimited) but hopefully I’ll be able to get some decent wifi while I’m out (hahahaha, a girl can hope).

Did some food shopping and headed over to the trailer to sort / organize things and get the digital set up I wanted sorted out.

Things were going well until I decided to put the table in the dinette…

That’s the support bar for the table 🙁

Well bugger!


Another busy day!

First a trip to T-Mobile to change my phone plan over to my name (it was in my ex-husbands name) – absolutel fanny about, dealt with about 5 people in store and on the phone and they still didn’t get it right, fortunately the store is right next to Home Depot, which I had to go to too (remember the table?) 

Eventually, 2 hours later my phone is now in my name!

Came home to see Kevin pulling my truck dashboard apart.

He’s very kindly offered to instal my new radio / gps / back up camera for me – a bitch of a job!

It took him several hours, but it works like a charm now!

This also got delivered…

I decided to go with a portable generator for my extra power needs.

The places I’m visiting will not provide much in the way of solar power, and I didn’t want to have to run my massive truck engine to charge 2 batteries.

A genny seems the best option for now.

Packing is slowly getting done … almost done on my make up!


More packing done! 

Brought a load of clothes over to the RV with the intention of setting up my wardrobe… 

Unfortunately, it does not support standard size coat hangers …


It’s not a big problem… I’ll get it fixed.

In the meantime I organized another area.


It’s a little too early but I started the day talking to a guy about Health Insurance for next year.

Seems Blue Cross is the only company that can give me country wide coverage – I’ll follow up in November but I need to talk to my accountant. 2016 I had a decent wage, 2017 I’m technically unemployed… hopefully something can be done to allow me to get subsidies on my Health Insurance.

I made a little spread in by Bullet Journal for the storage I can keep in my truck.

I can keep 10 boxes in my truck … that’s a lot of storage! 

Especially for things I don’t need every day but  still need (spare bedding, kitchen tools, maintenance tools etc).

Then I let the dogs out … and they walked themselves.

It was so funny watching them as they pulled on each other’s leads and then glared at me as if it was my fault.

Once the puppies were safe inside I decided to set up my new generator.

Everything went smoothly and now I just have to run it for 10 hours before I leave so that I don’t have to deal with a oil change on the road.

While the generator was running I worked a little on my closet with some smaller coat hangers.

I have a feeling I’ve over packed. I plan to go through before I leave and see if I can thin it out.


Let’s start with a naughty Jake trying to run away by sneaking through the lilac!

Mornings are hard for a adorable puppy!

A quick trip to Walmart to pick up some more storage solutions.

Then I invited Kevin to come out to the trailer to help me work on my digital solutions.

(Trying to make my smart TV smarter and actually work)

So while he was working on my tech, and had the cover removed from my fuse box …. I started to make him a drink.

Opening the fridge, a Soda bottle dropped on to the floor, pierced and started to spray my entire truck with Squirt.

My electrics got covered, sparked and everything went dark!

Two hours of frantic clean up and fortunately everything dried out, became less sticky and the lights came back on!

Very very stressful and worrying.

(Side note: it’s a few days later and everything still works)

I went over to the main house, had a bath and relaxed – and then came back over for my first night in the Trailer!


That was a long night.

I’m not sure if it was because it’s so cold here in Illinois or the strange (but but perfectly comfortable) bed … but I didn’t end up going to sleep until 5am.

Still the puppies insisted I got up at 9am, so we headed over to the main house to do some cleaning and packing.

I had a lovely microwave curry for lunch

Trust me, it tasted a lot better than it looks!

After my chores, I had a sneaky bath in the house – my shower is currently holding my trash can and …. well I’m in no rush to shower in the Caravan and baths are nice!

Oliver got into his daddy’s bed and was incredibly cute!

I love this puppy so much!

While I was in the bath, kevin attempted to hard wire an inverter into the trailer.

Unfortunately the wiring doesn’t really support this being hard wired but he did manage to instal a nifty little gadget to help me track my battery usage when I’m not hooked up.

Also managed to install a towel rack!

As I’d had a couple of cocktails by this point, I asked Kevin to drive my truck back over to the house.

It wouldn’t start! 

Sounds like a battery or alternator problem.

Well … Fuck!

Settled down for the night and prepared next weeks layout in my bullet journal – obviously with a Halloween theam!


Tonight I decided to sleep on the dinette bed (single bed) as I wanted to know how comfy it was plus the height of the main bed worries me slightly if they try and jump off in the middle of the night.


More packing, more household chores, more of the same!

Good news is kevin managed to find a good solution for digital needs.

My Tv now has a Hard Drive and a Intel Compute Stick attached. Basically a mini windows computer.

I still have some bugs to work out but it means I can use my TV like a computer monitor and stream movies and use a web browser on it.

It’s very cool!

So let’s end this massive update on one final note …

With puppies …. you never need to pee alone again!

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