9th October 2016 – Sunday

So at short notice I’m told we will have 3 house guests.

These lads are independent film makers from LA, and need a bed for a new nights.

Unfortunately right now the house is an utter mess, the 3 upstairs rooms are being used for packing and storage, and we don’t have enough blow up beds for 3 grown men.

Solution …. put them up in the caravan!

It’s put back my plans about 3 days but they were excited about the idea so I made it look as  cosy as possible – although I did not hook up the water so they still had to use the house (and the barn) bathroom.

I may be a bad person but I just didn’t want to have to deal with strangers “waste” (bad enough I have to dump my own!) and I want to be the first person to poop in my loo! 


Anyway, it turned out pretty cool I think …

We did have some problems with the CO detector going off when they ran the furnace – I’m hoping it’s just dust from a system that hasn’t been run.

Once they have gone I’ll run it with the windows open for a few hours and see if we can fix the problem.

Fingers crossed!

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