Friday 25th November 2016

I’m so behind in updates since I left Illinois I’m not sure I’m prepared to catch up.

The basics are I traveled to Florida, took me 3 days – loved the experience.

Stayed in Lake City for a week.

Now I’m staying with friends on their property for a week or two.

The puppies are loving it, I’ve been kinda run down / showing the signs of stress. 

Mentally I’m in a really good place, physically my body is taking a giant turd!

I’m trying to think of it as purging all the toxins of my old life (not that is was bad, just the stress of divorce / house move / total change of lifestyle)

Anyway … here is some pictures of really content puppies!

The day started with some ginger & orange tea.

And my host bringing me this because she heard I didn’t like “white gravy” (she actually ended up giving it to her dogs … but it was pretty funny none the less)

I also met this little guy …. huge leaf like bug with a missing leg

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